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Greenville Colorants: Water Based Dispersions
Go to the newsstand and pick up a magazine. Any magazine. If the color pops off the beautiful paper, there’s a good chance the gravure inks are by Greenville. If so, the publishers bought the best standard dispersions ink at below our competitor’s price for similar products.
Greenville Colorants: Water Based Dispersions
Now take a look at your daily newspaper or a trade book printed on newsprint. Or look at a paper cup or a roll of paper towels or film. Again, if it looks true and vibrant, chances are it’s Greenville – and if it isn’t, the publisher or manufacturer probably paid too much.

Whether your needs involve publications, film, wallpaper or gift wrap – or a thousand other applications – you’ll want to call on Greenville for an expert audit to determine a proper pigment and system selection. And remember, we’re always living up to our “green” name – none of our product lines contain VOC’s, glycols, alcohols or hazardous air pollutants.

Greenville Colorants: Water Based Dispersions
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