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Greenville Colorants: Specialty Products
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Greenville Colorants: Specialty Products
Whether it's a delicate pinstripe fabric or a metal and plastic fire-truck. A delicate pastel soap or richly stained wood flooring, a rich brocade fabric or a pale translucent curtain, at Greenville Colorants, Specialty Materials are our specialty.

We've been doing it for over 60 years: supplying the highest quality colorants and chemicals in the business. Today, we're laser-focused on new solutions to optimize coloring techniques, and our global reach is enabling us to deliver on our promises of quality and price.
Greenville Colorants: Specialty Products
And it's all backed up with know-how. Our sales team is knowledgeable. Our technical personnel are as state of the art as the labs they work in. While we don't know what the ‘in' palette will be next year, we do know that Greenville Colorants will provide the richest, deepest, brightest, truest colors of anyone in the world. We'll do it safely, we'll do it better, and we'll do it for less.

So whether it's testing, shade matching, application expertise, training or development, put your trust in Greenville Colorants – the brightest choice in the business.

Greenville Colorants: Specialty Products
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