Industrial Oil Concentrate
ACA Cutting Oil
Synthetic Water Soluble Cutting Fluid
Bio-Stable Water Soluble Cutting Fluid
Hydraulic Treatment
Engine Life Treatment
Synthetic EP-1 Grease
Multipurpose EP-2 Grease
XPL-101 Penetrating Lubricant
Waterless Wash & Shine
Fuel Maximizer
Marine Fuel Conditioner
Bio-Stable Downhole Drilling Fluid
Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer with XPL+
Greenville has long been known for its environmentally-safe products in Paper, Landscape Materials, Concrete, Specialty Dye and Pigment Dispersions markets. Now as a national distributor of the Pro One line of XPL+ Xtreme Lubricants, Greenville offers an earth-friendly industrial line of lubricants that complement their customers’ needs.

ProOne manufactures an industrial line of high film strength lubricants able to withstand extreme pressure and heat. With over 50 times the film strength of conventional lubricants, ProOne’s XPL+ technology takes lubricants to the next level.

Based on its exclusive XPL+ technology, ProOne’s products are designed to bond to metal as well as reduce heat and friction under the most extreme conditions. While typical lubricants tend to migrate away from heat sources, the strong ionic (+) charge inherent in XPL+ products enables bonding to metal even under extreme heat and pressure. This gives XPL+ lubricants unprecedented film strength and extreme pressure protection.

XPL+ lubricants are vegetable-based, stable, non-corrosive, non-reportable and environmentally friendly.

Bottom Line Benefits

• Reduces heat & friction
• Reduces wear to extend equipment life
• Displaces moisture, prevents corrosion

• Lowers energy consumption
• Helps prevent costly down time
• Optimizes equipment efficiency

For more information on the complete line Greenville's ProOne products or to place an order click here. Or download the ProOne Extreme Lubricants brochure.