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Greenville Colorants: Landscape Materials
Greenville Colorants: Landscape Materials
The hot sun does its worst. A chill rain tests the limits. And through it all, Greenville Colorants Enriched Premium Mulch Colorants – a super premium package with high quality pigments and a binding resin system – ensure that no matter what the weather, our customers get the "pop" they demand. And then some. At Greenville Colorants, there is no such thing as ordinary mulch. Our premium line and our color-matching Mulch Colorants – in green waste, urban wood, or pallets – hold their earthy tones and hues, all without harming either animals, children, plants, flowers or trees. At Greenville Colorants, we honor our planet with safe yet ultra-colorful mulch. (Hey, it's not as if we don't live here, too.)

Greenville Colorants: Landscape Materials
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